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MWB Vivaro 1.6 Turbo
3 Door – £99 per month

No long term contract necessary – minimum period 9 months. Completely flexible on how long you you want to hire it. No penalties No hassle.

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This is a Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6 Bi-Turbo, CDTi, 6 speed, 2.8 meter rear floor length.
An extremely easy van to drive which is more like a private car to drive and offers
outstanding MPG. An ideal option if the standard Transit may be too small and the
long wheelbase is a bit on the big side. A superb & very versatile all rounder.

What is included in the hire?

  • Low initial outlay, usually 3 months advance rentals
  • No disposal risks or depreciation worries
  • The vehicle is simply returned at contract end
  • Full maintenance can be added to any contract

You can add:

  • Trackers supplied only £6 per month
  • Tow Bars only £2 per month
  • Roof Racks only £3 per month
  • Sat Nav only £3 per month
If there is any additional equipment you require just ask us and we will do our best to fulfil your needs.
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