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Vehicle Hire for Touring Scotland

There is no doubting the wilderness and beauty that Scotland has to offer and it’s little wonder we are a number one European holiday destination. If you’ve never been it simply has to be sampled. A rich history of ancient clans, castles and feuds, rugged scenery and outstanding hospitality – not to mention the whisky – make it a must for your bucket list.

Car Hire from Edinburgh and Glasgow

Most visitors travelling to Scotland will arrive within the ‘Central Belt‘. This is the main corridor that runs east to west across the narrow part of the country. Within this ‘corridor’ we have Glasgow in the west and Edinburgh in the east – about 1 hour apart by car. Our rental cars are available from both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports as well at the main train stations such as Edinburgh Waverley Station and Glasgow Central Station. Basically, wherever you arrive into our beautiful country, within the central area, we’ll have a car waiting for you and this includes hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast as well as residential home addresses, etc.

Small, Group 1 Economy Car

Small, Group 1 economy car for cost effective self drive tours in Scotland.

Wide Range of Vehicles for Hire

Since 1978 we’ve been servicing the inbound tourism industry and we have exactly the vehicle to suit your needs. From the small group 1 car hire (Vauxhall Corsa type) to large 4×4 vehicle hire and everything in between, we have them available. If you are a larger group, say on a golf vacation or a whisky trail we offer self drive minibus and minivans with 8 – 17 seats. Please give us a call on +44 0141 771 3990 (or email us) as international driving licences may restrict exactly what size of vehicle you can drive.

Explore Scotland’s Sites in a Hire Car

Our beautiful landscape really is ideally suited to a self drive car rental and with many remote areas it’s great to go at your own pace and decide yourself where and went to pull over and enjoy the surroundings. Areas such as Glencoe, Bannockburn, Crinan Canal, Stirling Castle and The Wallace monument, Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, the list is endless.

Minivan or People Carrier?

8-9 seat minivan for hire

8 and 9 seat minivans for hire. Ideal for self drive tours of Scotland.

Now we’d like to offer a word of caution when reserving a ‘minivan’ i.e. 7 or 8 seater (here in the UK we call them a ‘people carrier’). A minivan in the USA for example isn’t the size of a people carrier here in the UK – ours have much smaller dimensions. So in the industry, a 7 seat people carrier will not fit 7 people plus baggage. It will seat 5 plus moderate luggage or 7 with no luggage. You have been warned! However, in light of this we have chosen to buck the trend and operate the largest 8 and 9 seaters of their type available in the UK which offer decent luggage space plus seating for 8 adults – this is especially to accommodate our overseas tourists’ minivan/people carrier hire needs.

Your Hire Vehicle Drop Off

At the end of your vacation your rental vehicle can be dropped back at any main travel hub within the central belt i.e. rail station or airport, or even at a residential address or hotel. We can collect the car (T&Cs apply).

Clarkson Go The Extra Mile

Before we finish – a few years ago I recall a conversation with a customer who was clearly worse for the wear (in terms of alcohol consumption) and after having decoded his garbled message it became clear that the gentleman was indeed customer who had a car on rent! He and his wife had decided to visit a whisky distillery and after having an initial ‘taster’ became concerned about our drink drive laws so they ’threw caution to the wind’ and decided to keep the car safe in the car park and keep drinking! We collected the car, took our ‘well oiled’ friends to their hotel, saw them safely inside and delivered the car back to them two days later! I suppose holidays are made of these kind of stories and it brightens up our day!

Car and van hire Scotland
For more information on car hire for self drive touring Scotland:
Locations: Glasgow Airport / Edinburgh Airport / Glasgow city centre / Glasgow east/west / Lanarkshire


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*Valid for current serving Armed Forces personnel only

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