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What a load of balls – tow balls that is!


Hire van with tow ball Clarkson Glasgow
Mercedes 230 SL Automatic safely transported by a Clarkson hire van with tow ball.

Caravans, boats, car trailers, horse boxes, bike racks –  no matter what you need to haul remember that many Clarkson vans for hire (and campervans) have a tow ball fitted.

Check out this photo of a Clarkson van with tow ball attached trailer carrying an excellent condition classic Mercedes 230 SL Automatic, VERY securely attached of course!

If you need a rental van and towbar also maybe just double check the weight of your trailer as we’d like our van back with the clutch in one piece! If you need any help, as ever, just call us on 0141 771 3990.

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Remember you can book a car or van online.

Penalty Free Cancellation

A full refund will be given with NO penalty fees charged on cancellations if 10 days notice is given. After this point minimal charges apply: 25% of hire with 1 -4 days notice and 10% charge with 5 -10 days notice. *Excluding campervans